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6318 2022-03-27 12:14 dave.johnson (user activity246) - Found it

One of my top tors of all time. Pleased to be back again and able to locate this little beauty.. cache in very good order.. moved on the geoKrety thingy. It was great views today-- I could see swaling over on Ringmore.. TFTC 

6259 2022-01-16 23:31 Charlottejones199 (user activity46) - Found it

Out caching around here this afternoon after today's event with Ed Don...must admit for some reason we made hard work of this one and it took us a while to line things up even though the coords are perfect ! Surprised to find a blank log for us to sign our names on ..many thanks

6257 2022-01-16 15:10 recommendation ed-don (user activity123) - Found it

{FTF} with CharlotteJones199. This was by far and away the trickiest hide of the day despite the coordinates being very accurate. We needed the spoiler picture and still spent some time trying to get everything to line up correctly. After replacing the cache as found (how long will it be until the next visitor?) we spotted two walkers approaching from the south. I met them both again when crossing Ditsworthy Ford with my boots off and trousers rolled up above the knee.


TFTC and my last Recommendation