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4252 2017-10-31 15:56 micha_de (user activity5) - Needs maintenance

This webcam seems to be not working any longer.
The weblink is dead.


Dear owner

please have a look at this cache.


Greetings from Germany


4083 2017-07-01 19:25 Roseysaurus (user activity8) - Didn't find it

Tried this today but the link for the camera refused to work

4009 2017-05-20 15:48 Domout (user activity1) - Found it

Mplc journée en amoureux à Londres

3867 2017-03-24 03:50 aB5dEglYeS5P (user activity0) - Needs maintenance

The webcam appears to be not working again - or at least it's not at that url.

2562 2013-03-12 19:27 Lord Darcy (user activity132) - Record deleted

Record of type [Found it] deleted.

2561 2013-03-12 19:07 DufusDog (user activity4) - Found it

Another attempt at logging this cache with a different browser.


I am working in London this week so took the opportunity to find my first cache on this site.  The webcam is available at a new URL,

my picture to prove I was there is at

TFTC DufusDog


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2163 2012-01-07 20:40 sandvika (user activity104) - Note

Well, that webcam had been there for years, yet within 3 months of creating this listing, the damned thing died and there doesn't appear to be any sign of it reappearing. But not all is lost. In fact, things have got better - there is now a webcam on the Radisson Edwardian hotel which has a better vantage point....and the cache listing has been updated to use this one instead. Game on! Who will be FTF?
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Work in progress on the square
Work in progress on the square

1864 2011-07-22 08:51 Amberel (user activity534) - Note

I would confirm that this still seems to be out of action, it's showing an image dated January 6th and is on tilt limit.

Rgds, Andy

1768 2011-05-29 14:40 Zalgariath (user activity10) - Note

Seems the webcam is broken, and has been since January. I thought it was strange no one had logged a find yet:(Time to go! (At least until if/when it is ever fixed)

1403 2010-10-08 18:49 sandvika (user activity104) - Record deleted

Record of type [Note] deleted.