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2119 2011-11-19 14:17 dartymoor (user activity24) - Found it

I did the GC cache very close first, then decided to take a direct route here - not one of my better ideas, this slope is not so friendly.

Took ages to find, and if it wasn't so favourably reviewed I probably would have given up. I even tried to get my new smartphone working so I could see the spoiler pic, but that wasn't playing ball. Took over half an hour, and I'd been over the spot several times. Knowing from the logs I was looking for a monster container, I gave it another go, and remembered another of Darcy's caches near Haytor and how he likes to make people approach in a humble way... And I found it!

And wow, definitely the best stocked cache I've ever seen. So much stuff in there, an amazing effort. Must've been quite amusing stuffing that into a rucksack to carry to site!

Took Lord Darcy's pathtag and will log in a mo, and a plastic ducky for the bath. :)

Definitely worth the effort to seek out - good hunting around here for letterboxes and other GC's, a productive day for me. Thank you Lord Darcy, good work.

Also nice - saw a large dog fox near GC when I was walking along the spoil ridge (and a half eaten sheep a short distance away...) - and got to within 10 feet of a buzzard perched at the end of the spoil surveying the valley below, before he saw me. Lovely spot.