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2724 2013-08-24 10:30 abanazar (user activity41) - Found it

Our sons were enjoying themselves at a nearby shooty-laser-alternative-to-paintball battleground, so Mrs Abanazar and I took the short drive here for a little walk and a few groundspeak caches.

As we descended into Elberry Cove, my eye was immediately taken by the old building on the far side - I love remnants such as this. Then I noticed a cache on my GPSr celebrating the building - a bath house! But a closer inspection revealed that it was an opencaching box (they all appear the same at first glance on my Garmin) - even better, since we like to find those when we can.

It took us quite a while to hunt GZ down, as we couldn't get the correct altitude, and my wide-ranging searching unnecessarily took me up a couple of terrain ratings. When I did eventually get to the right spot, I resorted to the tried and tested stick-tapping method for finding long-forgotten tupperware … and straightaway I got the tell-tale sound of hollow(ish) plastic box :-)

It was great to find this cache in such good condition: clean and dry, the only sign of age was some insignificant ripping to the black fabric of its bag.

Back at base, I looked forward to logging this … but then discovered that it had been archived. The opencaching query on my GPSr is clearly older than I thought! Thankfully, on emailing the CO that all is well with this cache, he promptly re-enabled it:-)So I can log it, and more importantly others can continue to find it and discover the old bath house - be sure to have a look at the old engine remains if you do.

Thanks for the cache (and for re-enabling it so promptly).

Pictures for this log entry:
Old engine
Old engine
View out of the window
View out of the window