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2938 2014-10-28 14:30 abanazar (user activity41) - Found it

What I like about geocaching is not just a good location, but also the idea of the connection between that place and the person who chose to hide their possessions there. Some of the things I care less about are numbers on some remote database, listing site contrivances of ‘style’ over substance, social media ‘kudos’, unnecessary bureaucracy, etc. Consequently is a great fit for my style of geocaching, and I use it to list a number of my own adventures.

Last night, while preparing for a Go Ape trip at Haldon Forest scheduled for this morning (#1 Son’s birthday treat), I noticed that this opencache wouldn’t be too far away and could give us something to aim for in the afternoon. I also noticed that it hadn’t been found yet, and I’ll admit that the infrequency of finds is another thing I like about opencaches (and terracaches for that matter), as it can strengthen the connection I mentioned earlier.

Anyway enough waffle, we parked up and set off towards Hound Tor. The cache listing was spot on: plenty of people clambering over Hound Tor, but next to no-one heading on to Greator Rocks. No hints or spoilers on the cache page, just the description “placed high up” plus a set of coordinates, which I suspected (or hoped!) would be spot on. Up I clambered and the GPSr duly counted down to a few feet. My two sons caught up with me and we all had a look around for 10 minutes. Just when I was wondering if I should widen the search area, I spotted the tiniest glimpse of tupperware beneath some undergrowth. There it was - found at last, 5 months after it was placed!

I dropped off a geokrety here, which had been languishing for months in one of my groundspeak-listed caches in Wiltshire. I suspect it may languish here for a few months too, but at least there's a chance that keen opencacher Amberel may visit on one of his Dartmoor tours!

Great spot. Thanks very much for bringing us here.

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Rest of the crew
Rest of the crew