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3252 2016-01-02 14:30 pljg (user activity57) - Found it

I have managed to temporarily reunite this pair that seem destined never to be together for long.  I found Orpheus in the extremes of the underworld and then carried him to Eurydice who was resting where I expected to find her, in the very centre of this realm.  The two communed and I was enlightened.

My journey was then interrupted as I helped two travellers from another place to find their way out of this hell.  As I approached the way out I took care not to look back and those following wriggled out behind me.   I ventured back in but realised that Orpheus and Eurydice had become separated again.  It seems that, with the lights out, they lost each other and now lie far apart once more.

It only seemed right to take just one half of the fantastic treasure; will they ever be reunited?

Many thanks for an eventful quest.  I will now, as instructed, place suggestions for searching for the two lovers in another place.

Pictures for this log entry:
The prizes.  Will they reunite?
The prizes. Will they reunite?