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365 2010-03-28 00:00 veedub-girl (user activity6) - Found it



Now i was obviously a bit dim or my gps was having a bad day as i found myself rock climbing. Then decided to sit down and have some lunch before thinking again, while having a bite to eat i logged onto the site to have a look at the spoiler pic, and funnily enough i was pretty much sat right on the cache. 

Mum loved this one she took a torch for her caching bag and i took a pathtag bag will come in handy for the tags ive collected along with a tape measure, i left a puzzle and a game, two flower poppers, some sticky badges and a necklace and 50p.

Signed the log. Thanks for the best cache in a log time, if only more caches were this size and interesting. Will look forward to doing more Opencaching caches as this is only my second. TFTC