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4325 2017-12-18 12:01 heartradio (user activity45) - Found it

My word, what a large cache! I'd heard about this one on the caching grapevine, but never been to Foggintor before. Today was the day and so I set off on my Geocaching/Opencache walk with this one loaded on. What I had neglected to load on was the spoiler photo, it didn't really cross my mind this morning. And anyway, how hard can a 12 litre marine flare bottle be to find? Surely it must stick out like a sore thumb with a bright pink and yellow plaster on? Nope, not here it doesn't! I started searching, but the area was a little too wide. I headed back to the top of the spoil heap where I had internet signal, and went back on to the cache page. Armed with the spoiler photo it was back down again and I managed to line it up to make a quick find this time around. Thanks for keeping this excellent cache going, I will award it my first reccomendation!