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4673 2018-06-07 12:24 dixie_gooner (user activity119) - Found it

I had the day off work today and a plan was formulated to go caching with Smithy138 and Mr NSCR. I wasnt quite free as a bird as I had a social engagement this evening, so had to ensure that wherever we went, we could be back in time. Firstly Smithy suggested Cox Tor, then NSCR suggested Roos Tor. What an excellent choice. there was also the chance of a small diversion for a FTF. It was a great time of the year to do this as I have never known the moor to be so dry and we managed to push our luck as we walked through some of the more boggy areas.


This was a nice detour to find this one.  In fact I think it was Smithy who found it and he doesn't even have an Opencaching account as yet.