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4862 2018-10-20 09:41 Dylan burgess (user activity15) - Found it

Insanely immense!!
I'd spotted some very interesting areas to explore on an Instagram account of urbexers within this area and instantly contacted the Co and sent pics, knowing the Co is nuts enough to get to, and place caches at these locations.
The Co was instantly keen and went for a recce.
A number of interesting locations were noted but this one looked by far the best.
Friday night I headed down in the camper with my boy and met the Co for an explore.
Saturday morning myself and the Co slightly hungover , Joshua over hyped from his night of cooking  and eating the whole pack of marsh mallows on the campfire, we set off  to the hole.
Arrived after a pleasant stroll through ladybird infested woodland, we both marvelled at this feature.
Rope was set up, depth test done, yep its deep.
Slightly hesitantly the Co headed down first.
The fact he for once wore a helmet shown the seriousness of the situation he was placing himself in.
Down he went, disappearring from view.
After some lengthy time he emerged out looking pretty chuffed with himself, so now my turn.
Over the edge, and down I went.
First section isn't bad, about 20 ft down is a loose band which I tried not to dislodge too much down onto the rope beneath,
After this section the rock is fairly good all the way to the bottom. Cache found, signed and hidden away again then the hard bit.
About 65feet of ascending, watching, again my footing at the loose band. Up and emerge out into the sunshine with the same grin the Co had.
This is just what extreme caching needs, more of this, a brilliant location and challenge.
Totally worthy of a fave point.
Nice one Swindon Leys, this sure was fun.
Future adventurers take note:
Be wary of only dropping required amount of rope down, there is the possibility of dislodging debris which could fall straight onto any excess rope on the ground.