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4867 2018-11-03 09:05 Dylan burgess (user activity15) - Found it

I guess the only good thing about my job lately is my brain malnourished assistant, who's only words to me each and every day consists of 'good morning' 'yes, yes, no, yes' and 'good bye'.
This takes up around 15 seconds of my shift with her, which leaves 7 hours 59 minutes and 45 seconds for me to scour the Internet vigorously for things I enjoy.
Usually a bit of social media drivvle, cookery ideas, climbing, walking locations, geocaching and urbex sites.
The latter sites bring up some wonderful and interesting locations for possible caching adventures, and that's what bought myself and Swindon Leys to this fine location.
We'd come for a recce the other week, loved what we found, and Swindon Leys came back and kindly placed a cache nearby.
Today I came out on my own, before heading further South for an attempt at il nono opencache tomorrow with the other Co, and friends from Devon.
Set up my rope at stage 1and descended into the abyss, although about the same depth as buried alive, this one feels far safer.
Found the necessary and replaced then headed up.
This took me a considerable amount of time, usually I'm out with jules and gang and I get to use their shiny new gear and nice clean ropes, but today I'm stuck with my shunt, grigri and a very worn and battered 11 (prob about 14)mm frayed to buggery rope.
This didn't slide through the grigri well at all and each and every haul up, it locked and had to be pulled through manually.
This strenousness along side the fact I chose to keep my duvet jacket on resulted in myself getting a full on sweat on.
Made it out eventually just as people were walking passed without actually spotting me.
Carried on with what's necessary so as to log the cache.
Super location, again, just what extreme caching needs.
Im stuck as basic member at mo so can't fave point it, but I'll be back with one in due course.
Cheers Swindon Leys for the cache.