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4871 2018-11-04 15:19 RockSniffer (user activity2) - Didn't find it

A tip for future adventurers; don't wait until you get to the muddy slope to ask your fellow travellers, "does anyone have a UV torch?"


I knew where mine was; it was at home in the small dry bag with my freshly charged stack of 18650s and GoPro batteries that I'd forgotten to pick up on my way out of the door at 6:20am.


It all went far too smoothly apart from the rain that started as we parked up. In to Lasciate's chamber in 20 minutes from the entrance pitch and then a quick rig for the descent at the knotted rope.  No troubles on the route and my now significantly slimmer frame (34 waist to 30 in a little over a year) encountered no resistance negotiating the constriction that had stopped my previous attempt.


Disappointing to have to come home without a find but at least I can say I got there and got out again.  Surprisingly without a single scrape or bruise this time. 


I'll be back and I don't mind that one bit.  An epic location; more like heaven than hell!