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4872 2018-11-04 14:21 swindon_leys (user activity22) - Didn't find it

Great workout this one. Second caving experience & a very good one. A bit  tight in places is probably an understatement but some good climbing in here:) not just hand holds & foot holds but anything & everything it takes.

Started out from Swindon a little hung over for previous night out with Dylan but did manage to cook us up a full english before we hit the road. was still feeling pretty rough when Dylan pulled in for fuel so nipped in for a large bottle of Lucazade & couple of Mars bars.

Met Rocksniffer, Yukonhuskies for first time then we all headed of to the entrance. Got to Lasciate first about 10-15mins & quickly spotted cache & signed in while others following. Rocksniffer rigged a line & ladder while we stripped to bare essentials & left all non essential kit behind then down we went leaving Yukonhuskies clawing at the open as he was simply to muscle bound to fit.

Made it to the end bolder choke then realised my uv torch wasn't non essential, we searched for about 45 mins but no luck oh well at least we have a good excuse to come back:)

We slithered like ky'd snakes back into Lasciate chamber, yeah right!

Yukonhuskies had managed to find top geocoin while we were gone.

Rocksniffer managed to dropped his Vaper  into an impossible retrieval position or so I thought, amazing what these guys will do for a vape:)

We considered going back with the uv torch but headed out instead which was the correct decision as I have to admit I for one was runnig low on energy for the final climb out.

Thanks to Nick, Stewart & Dylan for the adventure & workout.

And a big thanks Abanazar for a great heavy duty cache, keep up the good work:) looking forward to a rematch!