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4882 2018-11-17 22:26 Amberel (user activity546) - Found it

It was long overdue for us to make a start on these caches, so mjcross, Smudge42, Wizbit100 and myself met at the parking at 08:20. Quite a hike to the cache, and once we got there it was obvious where we had to go next .

I suspect we rigged in a similar fashion to previous finders, and mjcross was the first to head to the cache. Wizbit had brought some walkie talkies, which proved a good idea, as rather surprisingly it wasn't possible to communicate from the bottom in either direction without them.

Took us quite a while as it was strictly one at a time. When it came to my turn I struggled a lot at the start because the rope had become wet and dirty, and the GriGri just wouldn't slip through it. The first 10 or 15 feet was a series of short but rapid jerks, very uncomfortable, but after which I got onto a clean section of rope and proceeded more smoothly to the bottom.

I picked up a geocoin proxy and dropped off a Welsh geocoin - I wouldn't normally leave a trackable in an extreme cache but as this is quite recent I suspect it will be revisited sooner rather than later . I also left an Amberel 70th Birthday PathTag.

Then just the long haul back up to the top, I was puffing a bit by the time I got there .

A favourite, and an Amberel TOP CACHE geocoin earned for the c/o, visit for more details.

Thanks for the cache,

Rgds, Andy