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4890 2018-12-02 14:00 Dylan burgess (user activity15) - Didn't find it

We set off to the start of lasciate about 10ish, again, both slightly hung over. 

Struggled to locate the start this time ha, not a good sign? 

Once in, followed the route, it felt harder today for some reason, possibly the fact I'm using my girlfriends wellies, which, were rubbish on the climb sections compared to my usual footwear. 

Didn't take long to haul over the bar into the lasciate chamber, have a quick chill out before descending into hell. 

The route was fairly fresh in our minds  and overall we didn't encounter too much hassle, I still swore loads and panicked in the tight sections . 

Yet again, we made it all the way to the final passage. This time WITH a uv torch.
Still with two of us searching, we failed to locate the cache again?
A good half hours search we failed.

Gutted, again. We headed back retraced our route, as before, the final climb by the knotted rope back into the lasciate chamber was the hardest part. 

I found hauling backwards worked better to seat myself back in the lasciate chamber. 

From here headed out, with no real dramas. 

Damn it, I can't believe I gotta come back here again.......  


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Pictures for this log entry:
The hammer...
The hammer...
The hard exit out of il nono
The hard exit out of il nono