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4962 2019-01-08 12:52 Amberel (user activity546) - Found it

Saw this one was a lower D rating than Practice Tree and thought it would be easier, but no, for us the opposite was true. We spent a great deal of time studying the cache location from the ground, and all of us were concerned about how much dead wood there was up there. Indeed, from the bottom it wasn't at all clear if the limb the cache was on was sound or rotten, and as it appeared that the cache couldn't be reached without leaning against it, I was doubtful that I would make the attempt.

But we put a line up, and Wizbit100 demonstrated that the cache could be reached without using the doubtful limb, so each of us followed in turn.

I made a very slow and awkward job of it, at least in part because we were using a rope that was at the top limit for my GriGri - it didn't move up the rope smoothly, and at the top I had the greatest difficulty getting it to move at all - and on the way down it jammed, it felt I was going to break the GriGri handle with the huge force I was having to apply. Quite a relief when I finished.

Great to meet the c/o here, and have a chat.

Thanks for the cache,

Rgds, Andy