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5045 2019-02-09 16:00 martin112358 (user activity4) - Found it

As usual I left it until far too soon before setting off before thnking about puzzle caches at my destination. Not as usual, I had got an hour or so, and got the puzzle worked out in time.

I was lucky in very quickly happening on a clue to what the puzzle is about. A couple of targeted searches yielded promising results and I soon had a set of coordinates that pointed to a very likely spot.

Sadly, the checker said ‘no’! Hm, looks like Sir Terry needs listenimg rather than looking. I did some listening. It didn’t help much, but gave me a couple of (rather tortuous) alternatives. Both wrong.

Next bit of listening would take a while. When does my bus leave? Too soon. I confess to resorting to a bit of guessing. Bingo! The checker says ‘yes’. Pop the answer in the GPSr, and to the bus stop with several minutes to spare.

Once off the bus I walked to GZ. The windchill factor was strong and I was well wrapped up against the cold. In fact the actual find took only a minute. The coordinates are spot on.

I signed the log well away from GZ, and popped the cache back as found.

Thanks for a nicely judged puzzle, for introducing me to some new nerdy heroes to add to my own collection, and for the cache! It would have a recommendation star if I had any to give.