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5080 2019-03-16 01:24 hal an tow (user activity26) - Found it

Had to go into Leicester today, and my route took me past the station, so I took the theoretically short , but actually tortuous (due to roadworks)  diversion over the road to get a pic of Tho.s and my GPS.

I've always enjoyed the tale about Cook's first excursion - he had the idea of chartering the train (not used for leisure trips at all at the time, but for goods, and therefore not run on Sundays) while walking between Leicester and Market Harboro' in the course of his mission to promote the temperance movement. His business was printing, he produced temperance leaflets amongst other things, so had the facilities to print tickets to sell for his excursion. The railway owners were delighted to make some money from a charter on a day the train didn't usually run at all, and the first ever trip, Leicester to Loughborough , drew crowds to watch the novel sight at every bridge and viewpoint along the route .The intrepid travellers were greeted at Loughborough by a brass band, then tea (naturally) and buns before their temperance rally !

Pictures for this log entry:
Cook + Garmin
Cook + Garmin