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5225 2019-05-07 19:00 pljg (user activity57) - Found it

The tale of this cache is a long one with twists, red herrings and moments of revelation. I must credit 4littlesomersetpigs for making a breakthrough that turned out in the end not to be a breakthrough and then a suggestion, which turned out to be very good indeed. After a bit of work I was spiralling, hopefully towards, the cache, but what to make of what I had? BradLad and I mused on what might be meant and were completely wrong. Then I had my epiphany, when drpljg made what might have seemed a totally irrelevant comment. There are multiple, often cache-related tales that explain how I gradually made my way to the next stage and I'd be interested in how tricky others find this stage.

With the puzzle solved there was a problem, as we needed antpeng's expertise to tackle what sounded like a Laputan giant, but he was nowhere to be found. I went on a wild garlic picking expedition with drpljg and managed to find the giant's plinths and further instructions. Then we gazed up at the real giant and I could just make out what we were searching for.

Finally, today, we organised ourselves to make a final assault but not before antpeng and I visited a tree on another island and discovered a well-deserved abanazar "Top Cache"coin. We sailed on to meet BradLad and made our way to strain our eyes at the challenge that awaited.

antpeng went first and it was him who battled with the final challenge once he was aloft. At the base of the giant, BradLad and I suddenly realised that we were being observed not by wise Houyhnhnms but by a crowd of dim-witted YaMoos. They seemed inquisitive, though, rather than aggressive and were safely on the other side of a fence.

Once antpeng descended it was my turn and I started upwards. It didn't take long for me to feel more unsettled than other times that I've climbed with ropes. Maybe it was the open visa but I found the acrophobia triggered that I usually feel in tall buildings but not tree climbing. BradLad and antpeng were very patient while I started muttering and moaning around half way up. I even went so far as to unclip the hand ascender and put it on my belt but then I realised I could see the cache not too far away. Struggling to get the hand ascender back on actually relaxed me, as I had to use both hands rather than cling on to the rope with one hand. In no time (?!?) I was at the cache although I didn't make my own solution (We stupidly forgot our AAA batteries but the owner's worked a treat.)

As usual, by the time I got to the ground I was a bit battered and bloodied from scraping around branches. Do not wear shorts and climb trees I keep failing to remember.

Thanks, as ever, for a great adventure that tested my nerve more than maybe any other cache, although I remember having far too much time to think about the rock just above my head while antpeng and BradLad fiddled with the computer under a low ceiling during the Stargate opencache. I'm not sure which Swiftian race would be most suited for this cache. Would a Laputan man of science (and they are all men) be ideal for the puzzle solving or would he be too distracted by an even more pointless academic exercise? A Lilliputian would probably have failed at the first field stage but maybe they are skilled little free climbers. A Brobrobdingnagian would have been able to reach branches easily but perhaps they would have proved too heavy for Laputan trees or human ropes. What would a Houyhnhnm make of the whole bizzare adventure?

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A map of our journey