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6122 2021-08-03 16:47 Spacebat (user activity26) - Found it

Mrs Spacebat and I had been to Tresco and returned on the 2.30 boat, so we had some time to spend on St Mary's once we were back on dry land..l Mrs S went off into town to spend an unspecified amount of money while I went off to Peninnis head to wear off a little more rubber from the soles of my walking boots!
I'd been down to the entrance of Piper's Hole once before, so knew how to get there without breaking any bones. I have never noticed the resemblance of the rock to a crocodile, but it's obvious when you are there, and a knobbly old crocodile it is, to be sure!
Requisite selfie photo attached, plus one of the inside of the cave, as Icouldn'tresist going inside!
T4TC ***Spacebat***
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