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6207 2021-10-27 17:14 strange but untrue (user activity4) - Didn't find it

On my way to do a bunch of old caches, I thought I'd have a look for this on my way past, to try and break my zero-streak for OC caches.

After getting distracted by the hidden birdhouse for a while (even clearing up the cobwebs in front of it that made me fairly confident it wasn't in use) I took the hint.  Ah, so not the birdhouse then!

I could find what seemed like it should have been the referenced host, but it was quite deteriorated and occasionally a bit buried.  Since this cache wasn't my main target and I had a very long way to walk before the fast-approaching dark (and because alas it's been 2.5 years since the last find), I just looked in the obvious crevices and then let it go.

One day I'm determined to log a find on this site though!