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Geocaching is an outdoor sport or activity in which cachers use a GPS receiver to find a "treasure" hidden by other participants. Caches are secured in watertight containers, containing tradable items (mostly inexpensive trinkets) and a logbook in which they record their discovery of the cache. The coordinates of the location of the caches are stored on online databases, along with descriptions and instructions necessary to find them.

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OK04FE: Bedlam Theatre
OK04FC: Grain Tower Battery (lower)
OK04FA: Higher Town, St Martin's: Webcam
OK04F8: The Whiteheads: Lifeboat Station Webcam
OK04F9: Bryher's Brackish Pool Webcam
OK04F6: Shavercombe Waterfall
OK04FF: A Lonely Cache's Birthday
OK04FB: Rendezvous
OK04D0: GP19 - Winter Tor
North Dartmoor Geopath
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  • (01-08-2022) Verenigd Koninkrijk > Devon
    Star dave.johnson:

    Always enjoy a visit to this Tor. The cache took a bit of a search but got there in the end.. Weather conditions are ideal today, dry, sunny and a light breeze- now to drop down into the valley before heading to the next OC.  TFTC