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 Log entries A Fine Pair # 759 - Brook    {{found}} 3x {{not_found}} 0x {{log_note}} 0x  

5097 2017-01-23 11:56 dixie_gooner (user activity59) - Found it

FTF @16:30

I have enjoyed the Fine Pair series and have extended it myself. I have passed this spot many times and thought to myself that this needs a Fine Pair. I never did get round to applying for the number though. Today, it was no surprise when I received an email to say that this location had finally been rewarded with a Fine Pair.

Once I finished work I decided to head home via this way as the weather was good. I go home via Yelverton and Tavistock quite regularly on my motorbike if the weather is being kind, and that was definitely the case today. In fact Facebook has been inundated with cachers sharing pictures of the wonderful weather on the moor today.

I parked up by the smaller of the two items as a lady was just depositing a letter. Once the coast was clear I crossed over to the larger item and entered to obtain the required information. The door was stiff and in fact wedged itself open on the overgrown grass outside. Probably a sign of its lack of use. Inside there was the dreaded sign, threatening the removal of this iconic symbol.

I jotted the numbers down and after a quick calculation had a new set of co ordinates which were viable. A short walk later I was at GZ and once the area was clear of horse riders I started my search. At first I feared that the cache may have suffered from the recent trimming as I struggled to find it, whilst being whipped and scratched by the last remaining brambles. I eventually laid my hands on the coveted container and opened it to find a nice clean logbook.


A definite FAV point for another Fine Pair, especially in a place where I had considered.