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5857 2021-04-25 15:00 pljg (user activity80) - Note

I have been meaning to come and discover the well-deserved Amberel Top Cache coin ever since it was placed, but have never quite got round to it.  In the moment, now, I almost said why one planned trip was cancelled, but that would be a spoiler for the final location area.

Today, we had a shortish walk and a picnic and headed for the final location.  Last time I was here it was dark and snowing, so things were a bit different today.  In spite of the good conditions, drpljg decided to have a sit down rather than make the detour, so son #2 and I made our way there, only to realise that we hadn't bothered to bring a torch.

I won't say too much about the find but the replacement was one of the most worrying things I've done while caching. (Don't let that put you off; the risk was not a physical one.)  I had visions of sending son #2 on a mission from which he might not return.

Anyway, we admired the coin and signed the quite damp but usable log.  Actually, the container's condition is very in-keeping with the story.