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01-11-2017 Traditional, Ready for Search Right on the Edge minimise Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Found it 29-10-2021
dixie_gooner (Found it):
After picking up the nearby lab caches I carried on into the Moor. As I got near to GZ I spotted the hint item and quickly found the cache exactly as des(...)
01-09-2017 Traditional, Ready for Search Luxulyan Valley 2 ( Granite) Gribben Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Found it 06-11-2020
ed-don (Found it):
A whopper of a cache in an interesting spot just off a footpath. I can confirm that everything is in good order and the containers is well stocked with swa(...)
01-08-2017 Traditional, Ready for Search 234 Heartstones1 Kent Note 22-07-2020
Heartstones1 (Note):
Came to check as it's the closest climb to home. The ovaltine container had gone brittle but the inner was fine. I replaced the outer container.
01-07-2017 Other type, Ready for Search Piddypug's Hole (In One) abanazar Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol/Bath area Note 04-08-2019
antpeng (Note):
Didn't quite make it far enough for another find of this cache. Geoson #1 saw the spiders and decided to retreat. Thanks anyway
01-06-2017 Traditional, Ready for Search The Dewerstone Spannerman Devon Found it 27-05-2021
ed-don (Found it):
My only opencaching find of the day despite there being 3 in this area. The climb up to the summit seemed to get steeper as I gained height, not ideal afte(...)
01-05-2017 Puzzle, Ready for Search il Nono Cerchio abanazar Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol/Bath area Found it 18-01-2020
swindon_leys (Found it):
Yay!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) finally got the bu**er. Out with  Dylan Burgess, 6yo Josh & 9yo Craig (C6k) today after seeing cos maintenance l(...)
01-04-2017 Traditional, Ready for Search The Foggintor Hoard Lord Darcy Devon Found it 07-10-2020
Ky Devas (Found it):
Out caching with Redroaming doing the nearby Adventure Labs and part of the 12 tors wherigo and stopped off to look for this one before heading back to the(...)
01-03-2017 Traditional, Ready for Search Higher White Tor Gribben Devon Found it 19-09-2021
wanderingwillies (Found it):
Cache quickly found after the nearby event. Thanks.
01-01-2017 Traditional, Ready for Search The Tor In The Trees Gribben Devon OC Team comment 01-01-2017
SYSTEM (OC Team comment):
&nbsp Hello !!! &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspI'm pleased to inform you that your cache became: Cache of the monthCONGRATULATIONS !!!OC Team
01-12-2016 Puzzle, Ready for Search Open Sesame: The Quest for Aladdin's Lamp abanazar Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol/Bath area Note 26-03-2022
abanazar (Note):
Surely this is no longer on anyone’s caching radar, but for what it’s worth I have added a couple of spoiler photos to supplement the first stage, which sa(...)
02-11-2016 Traditional, Ready for Search Siblyback Views Gribben Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Found it 08-12-2019
dave.johnson (Found it):
This was the last cache of the day and a great walk with "The Wanderer" Tregarrick is a great place that I have always been fond of with a fair few "hidden(...)